Explore Ancient Taoism

At long last there is now the opportunity to learn the very secret Taoist divine art that has never been revealed to the West.

Tao can be literally translated as “The WAY” or “The PATH”.
Does God really exist? Is there actually life after death? These questions have plagued the thoughts and philosophy of mankind for thousands of years. There is a WAY to answer these questions. This PATH is experiential. You will be given the knowledge and ability to answer the questions for yourself.

Is life the result of destiny, or do we create our own destiny?
There is a way in Taoism to make this possible. By cultivating Spiritual Taoism, you will revise your own life in Taoist way that will change your life path. And the final outcome is that you create your destiny.

If you think Spirituality and science are in opposition, you will think differently after studying Taoism.

If you think that religion and logical thinking are mismatched, then you are already standing at the door of Taoism.

Doctrines and laws were made for a specific purpose and reason. Learn to understand the real reason and not just the surface explanation.

From childhood we have been taught what to believe and given certain rules to follow, by cultivating Taoism, there is the way to regain your own true self.

These Taoist teachings can bridge the spiritual realm and the science of man. Spirituality and science are not in opposition, but actually compliment one another.

You may already be familiar with some Taoist philosophy, such as the Tao de Ching, but have you been exposed to the spiritual side of Taoism? Methods and techniques that have been kept secret from not just non-Chinese but also amongst Chinese people for thousands of years are now being brought to the West.

What is Taoism?

Taoism is the oldest religion in the world. It came from ancient China and has existed for more than 5000 years. For the Taoist practitioner, life in human form is just one short episode out of our long evolution of life in the universe.

Where we are going and who we will become, all things are determined from within ourselves. Taoism is a method to revise your life, to become “Your Own True Self”.  By studying Taoism you can awaken the full potential inside of you, which can then be used in successfully meeting the challenges of life.

Our Mission

  • To reveal the secret of Taoism that brought the golden era to ancient China.
  • To spread this spiritualism so that it can enlighten mankind and bridge the man made gap between religion and science.
  • To initiate harmony in life so that the world becomes more comfortable and beautiful to live in.
  • To preserve to ancient teaching Taoism of Tai Shang Men school.